Brett Ulrich Provides Tips for Small Business Message Platform Migration

Brett Aaron Ulrich of Fredericksburg

June 26, 2020

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg is an expert in many computing platforms and recently provided a series of messaging platform migration tips for small businesses. These concepts, he argues, can help to make migration easier and avoid conflicts with software, hardware, and management needs. The following tips are the ones that he considers the easiest to implement and most effective.

Go Open Source, Says Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg

Brett Ulrich is currently a senior consultant for a variety of different groups. His experience focuses heavily on Microsoft and Novell directory services, applications, and messaging platforms. A large part of his career has focused on teaching companies how to migrate their communication platform and how to do so in a way that saves them good money in the process.

First of all, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg suggests that individuals seriously consider trying out an open-source program for their message management. Open-source applications have many benefits that are hard to get in any other way, he states. First of all, Brett Ulrich says that open-source programs are usually free, which makes them very affordable for small businesses.

However, Brett Ulrich also emphasizes the easy-to-change architectural design of these programs. Simply put, people can change up open-source applications because the code of the system is readily available. Therefore, it is simple for them to change the program to meet their needs by adapting their messaging demands in a streamlined and straightforward manner.

Always Think of What You’ll Need Later

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg also strongly suggests that small businesses pay attention to their potential future needs when migrating their messaging platform. A system that can handle 100-200 messages per month is suitable for small startups, he states, particularly those with little extra cash

However, such a simple program can become out of date as a company expands and grows. Most platforms, Brett Ulrich states, can handle a much higher messaging demand and will come in handy for future migration.

Don’t Neglect Current Hardware and Software

Lastly, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg emphasizes the importance of working with, and not against, current hardware and software demands. While larger businesses may be able to buy new computer systems to match their messaging, smaller companies may not have that luxury, he states. Therefore, Brett Ulrich believes it is crucial to find ways to work with their existing architecture.

For example, update current Excel and Word programs for easier messaging service migration. And Brett Ulrich emphasizes that the ease of synthesizing these program operations is essential and that all upgrades should be something that enhances platform migration.

Doing so makes it easier for a company’s employees to understand natural and streamlined emigration. Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg argues that this makes migration easier, minimizes confusion, and gives your company a better chance of success.