Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg Explores How Microsoft Products Can Boost Collaboration

Brett Aaron Ulrich of Fredericksburg

July 13, 2020

Brett Ulrich Identifies How Microsoft Has Embraced Collaborative Technology for Businesses, Schools, and Beyond

Collaboration is what allows multiple people to work on one project together. Collaborative technology, as such, provides various tools and systems to better facilitate this teamwork. Various Microsoft products are used to boost collaboration remotely and inside of the office. A senior consultant at Janus Technology, Brett Ulrich, explores some of the technologies available.

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg has been heavily involved in the IT industry for over a decade. He works closely with small and large businesses alike to integrate new technologies into their work streams. This includes designing, configuring, and implementing various custom solutions.

With more people choosing to work from home than ever before, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg explains that there are a number of tools provided by Microsoft that can help improve collaboration.

Microsoft Teams has been around for years and is often underutilized by companies of all sizes. Brett Ulrich explains that it’s possible to integrate Microsoft and third-party apps and workflows into the platform to make it easier to collaborate on various projects. It also makes it possible to call and hold meetings in a virtual space.

In the past, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg recalls, people were limited to conference calls. Most of the meeting was spent asking who got onto the call and who was speaking. It led to a considerable number of inefficiencies. Now, Microsoft Teams offers a virtual face-to-face meeting space. It allows people to use audio and visual to hold meetings. Additionally, various documents can be shared across the platform as would be common in a conference room setting.

Brett Ulrich also identifies that there are other Microsoft products that can help boost collaboration. Whether in the office or out, digital whiteboards can be utilized. This ensures that people can make comments in real-time. The whiteboards are filled with technologies that allow for multiple people to write on it at the same time. Every person contributing to the whiteboard would have a different color assigned to them. The finished product can also be saved in various formats, explains Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg.

Further, Microsoft 360 can make it possible to take advantage of producing and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time. Multiple people will have the ability to bring up the same document in order to have discussions and to create with everyone contributing to the content.

Brett Ulrich explains that there are collaborative solutions for every environment. Regardless of whether people are working in an office together or gathering virtually, there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the Microsoft products to ensure that collaboration is taken to a new level. Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg recommends that business owners take the time to sit down with an IT consultant in order to discuss the various solutions that are available to implement.