Brett Ulrich Explains Why Employees Need to be Well-Versed in Microsoft Products

Brett Aaron Ulrich of Fredericksburg

June 26, 2020

Brett Ulrich

The Microsoft Suite Continues to Be Vital in the Workplace, Brett Ulrich Explains

Although there are a number of software-as-a-subscription products and cloud-based programs, Microsoft still offers many important products. Businesses of all sizes require their employees to be familiar with Microsoft Office 365. Brett Ulrich explains the importance of understanding Microsoft products.

As a Senior Consultant with Janus Technology, Brett Ulrich works with a number of different software programs. He is dedicated to finding the latest technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. He explains that Microsoft Office continues to be relevant.

Office products have evolved considerably over the years. Brett Ulrich talks about Word, Excel, and Access as some of the most important programs. It allows for a high level of communication. It also ensures that employees have a readily available format.

Brett Ulrich explains that Office 365 works similarly to traditional Microsoft Office. The main difference is that it is based in the cloud. Employees can collaborate over Microsoft Word documents, work together in an Excel spreadsheet, and even create a presentation in PowerPoint.

Brett Ulrich has spent a number of years offering tips and tricks to businesses based on Microsoft Office. It allows employees to take advantage of the programs to the fullest. Further, it can boost productivity.

Many employees assume that they will learn whatever programs a business is using once they get hired. However, Brett Ulrich explains that assuming such can be a big mistake. He believes that the entire workforce should understand Microsoft Office prior to getting hired. He explains that even when a business isn’t using Office, the programs are still similar. It can make it easier for an employee to adapt to a program when they are already familiar with how Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, and other programs work.

Once an employee understands Microsoft Access, for example, they have a better understanding of database management systems as a whole. They can learn about scriptwriting. They can create graphical user interfaces. However, it starts with having a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft.

Brett Ulrich explains that it’s easy enough for people to use Microsoft products. Many computers have Office installed on them. With Office 365, there are affordable subscriptions that people can access. Further, training is often offered starting in grade school. A number of individuals graduate high school with at least a basic understanding of how most Microsoft products are used in the workplace.

Even though there are countless programs for companies to choose from within their operations, it all comes down to choosing what works best. With many people understanding Office, it makes sense to start there. Brett Ulrich also recommends that businesses offer to provide higher-level training to employees so that they can benefit from all that the Microsoft Office programs have to offer.