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Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg Explores How Microsoft Products Can Boost Collaboration

Brett Ulrich Identifies How Microsoft Has Embraced Collaborative Technology for Businesses, Schools, and Beyond

Collaboration is what allows multiple people to work on one project together. Collaborative technology, as such, provides various tools and systems to better facilitate this teamwork. Various Microsoft products are used to boost collaboration remotely and inside of the office. A senior consultant at Janus Technology, Brett Ulrich, explores some of the technologies available.

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg has been heavily involved in the IT industry for over a decade. He works closely with small and large businesses alike to integrate new technologies into their work streams. This includes designing, configuring, and implementing various custom solutions.

With more people choosing to work from home than ever before, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg explains that there are a number of tools provided by Microsoft that can help improve collaboration.

Microsoft Teams has been around for years and is often underutilized by companies of all sizes. Brett Ulrich explains that it’s possible to integrate Microsoft and third-party apps and workflows into the platform to make it easier to collaborate on various projects. It also makes it possible to call and hold meetings in a virtual space.

In the past, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg recalls, people were limited to conference calls. Most of the meeting was spent asking who got onto the call and who was speaking. It led to a considerable number of inefficiencies. Now, Microsoft Teams offers a virtual face-to-face meeting space. It allows people to use audio and visual to hold meetings. Additionally, various documents can be shared across the platform as would be common in a conference room setting.

Brett Ulrich also identifies that there are other Microsoft products that can help boost collaboration. Whether in the office or out, digital whiteboards can be utilized. This ensures that people can make comments in real-time. The whiteboards are filled with technologies that allow for multiple people to write on it at the same time. Every person contributing to the whiteboard would have a different color assigned to them. The finished product can also be saved in various formats, explains Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg.

Further, Microsoft 360 can make it possible to take advantage of producing and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in real-time. Multiple people will have the ability to bring up the same document in order to have discussions and to create with everyone contributing to the content.

Brett Ulrich explains that there are collaborative solutions for every environment. Regardless of whether people are working in an office together or gathering virtually, there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the Microsoft products to ensure that collaboration is taken to a new level. Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg recommends that business owners take the time to sit down with an IT consultant in order to discuss the various solutions that are available to implement.

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Brett Ulrich Explains Why Employees Need to be Well-Versed in Microsoft Products

The Microsoft Suite Continues to Be Vital in the Workplace, Brett Ulrich Explains

Although there are a number of software-as-a-subscription products and cloud-based programs, Microsoft still offers many important products. Businesses of all sizes require their employees to be familiar with Microsoft Office 365. Brett Ulrich explains the importance of understanding Microsoft products.

As a Senior Consultant with Janus Technology, Brett Ulrich works with a number of different software programs. He is dedicated to finding the latest technology solutions for businesses of all sizes. He explains that Microsoft Office continues to be relevant.

Office products have evolved considerably over the years. Brett Ulrich talks about Word, Excel, and Access as some of the most important programs. It allows for a high level of communication. It also ensures that employees have a readily available format.

Brett Ulrich explains that Office 365 works similarly to traditional Microsoft Office. The main difference is that it is based in the cloud. Employees can collaborate over Microsoft Word documents, work together in an Excel spreadsheet, and even create a presentation in PowerPoint.

Brett Ulrich has spent a number of years offering tips and tricks to businesses based on Microsoft Office. It allows employees to take advantage of the programs to the fullest. Further, it can boost productivity.

Many employees assume that they will learn whatever programs a business is using once they get hired. However, Brett Ulrich explains that assuming such can be a big mistake. He believes that the entire workforce should understand Microsoft Office prior to getting hired. He explains that even when a business isn’t using Office, the programs are still similar. It can make it easier for an employee to adapt to a program when they are already familiar with how Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, and other programs work.

Once an employee understands Microsoft Access, for example, they have a better understanding of database management systems as a whole. They can learn about scriptwriting. They can create graphical user interfaces. However, it starts with having a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft.

Brett Ulrich explains that it’s easy enough for people to use Microsoft products. Many computers have Office installed on them. With Office 365, there are affordable subscriptions that people can access. Further, training is often offered starting in grade school. A number of individuals graduate high school with at least a basic understanding of how most Microsoft products are used in the workplace.

Even though there are countless programs for companies to choose from within their operations, it all comes down to choosing what works best. With many people understanding Office, it makes sense to start there. Brett Ulrich also recommends that businesses offer to provide higher-level training to employees so that they can benefit from all that the Microsoft Office programs have to offer.


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Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg Talks About How to Manage Client Expectations Effectively

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg provides his expert insight regarding customer relations and the effective management of client expectations.

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg works as a senior consultant for various companies. His areas of expertise focus on Microsoft services, applications, and other platforms. More impressively, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg isn’t just limited to a small number of consultation services. He has worked on projects ranging from administration to architecture. A great deal of his work experience involved (and still involves) migration of directory and messaging platforms.

Providing high-quality technology solutions for businesses of all sizes is what Brett Ulrich does best. This experience has also given him exposure to the daily customer relations processes of hundreds of companies. As a consultant, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg knows that there is one principle that every company must follow: the customer knows best.

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg Advises on the Management of Client Expectations

With any business, there is always a chance of a disconnect between a client’s expectations and the final result. Thankfully, Brett Ulrich has some tips to manage client expectations without limiting your business’ potential to grow:

  • “It’s easy to get a client on board by promising them the world. The difficult part is keeping them for the long-term without any disappointment. This is why you should never oversell your products or services. Explain to potential clients EXACTLY what you can provide for them; nothing more and nothing less.” – Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg
  • “Don’t assume that you know what your client wants. Sometimes, a client’s needs and desires change over time. This is why it is so important to keep an open line of communication with your clients. The more you know about them and their needs, the better service you can provide. Ultimately, this increases the chance of meeting (or exceeding) your clients’ expectations.” – Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg
  • “It’s not always easy to manage client expectations if you provide non-uniform products or services. To deal with this issue, really dive into your client’s feedback. If you’ve collected reviews and notes over the years from past clients, look for patterns that can help you improve your processes. In most cases, small miscommunications can lead clients to expect more than you can provide.” – Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg
  • “It goes without saying that providing quality is one of the best ways to maintain a thriving business. However, it’s also true that you can’t please everyone. Nonetheless, giving your client’s the best possible version of what they want will greatly reduce the risk of missing the mark.” – Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg

“If you provide ongoing services to your clients, don’t make any major changes without notifying your clients well in advance. Making unwanted or unexpected changes is one of the quickest ways to disappoint (or even lose) existing clients.” – Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg

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Brett Ulrich Of Fredericksburg Shares Five Ways To Successfully Work From Home

Many Americans are currently struggling to make the transition from working in an office to working at home. Senior business consultant Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg has tips to share with anyone who is making the switch from doing the 9-5 grind in an office building to doing the 9-5 grind in the kitchen. Check out these tips and tricks from Brett Ulrich to make the most of your time working from home.

Set Up A Temporary Office | Brett Aaron Ulrich

You’ll need to separate your home life from your work life, even though they’re currently close to one and the same. You don’t need to completely revamp a space, but setting up a temporary area just for work can help you to separate home from the office. Brett Ulrich recommends making this a multi-purpose space – stay away from the bedroom and anywhere that you normally kick back in front of the TV.

Normalize Your Work Hours | Brett Aaron Ulrich

Brett Ulrich recommends setting work hours and sticking to them. Let your family know that when it’s work time, you’re not available unless it’s an emergency. Brett Ulrich recommends posting your schedule on your office door to let your loved ones know when you are and aren’t available. It’s a good idea to let family know when it’s ok to pop in and say hi, and when they absolutely need to stay out of the room, says Brett Ulrich.

Cut Off Communication At The End Of The Day | Brett Aaron Ulrich

Brett Ulrich recommends resisting the urge to answer work messages and emails after the end of your scheduled work hours. According to Brett Ulrich, responding to messages after hours sets you up to be relied on by your superiors and coworkers at all hours. A healthy degree of separation is important for maintaining a work-life balance.

Take Breaks | Brett Aaron Ulrich

When you’re at work, you don’t normally go from 9-5 without taking a moment to chat with a friend or run out for a cup of coffee. The same should be true when you’re working at home, according to Brett Ulrich. Whether you choose to take a walk around the block or call a friend, Brett Ulrich recommends pausing once every 2-3 hours for at least 10-15 minutes.

Be Patient With Yourself – And Your Team | Brett Aaron Ulrich

Brett Ulrich reminds people that this transition is difficult for everyone, and it’s important to expect some hiccups. Staying open and upfront about the challenges of working from home can help your team feel supported.


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Brett Ulrich Provides Tips for Small Business Message Platform Migration

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg is an expert in many computing platforms and recently provided a series of messaging platform migration tips for small businesses. These concepts, he argues, can help to make migration easier and avoid conflicts with software, hardware, and management needs. The following tips are the ones that he considers the easiest to implement and most effective.

Go Open Source, Says Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg

Brett Ulrich is currently a senior consultant for a variety of different groups. His experience focuses heavily on Microsoft and Novell directory services, applications, and messaging platforms. A large part of his career has focused on teaching companies how to migrate their communication platform and how to do so in a way that saves them good money in the process.

First of all, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg suggests that individuals seriously consider trying out an open-source program for their message management. Open-source applications have many benefits that are hard to get in any other way, he states. First of all, Brett Ulrich says that open-source programs are usually free, which makes them very affordable for small businesses.

However, Brett Ulrich also emphasizes the easy-to-change architectural design of these programs. Simply put, people can change up open-source applications because the code of the system is readily available. Therefore, it is simple for them to change the program to meet their needs by adapting their messaging demands in a streamlined and straightforward manner.

Always Think of What You’ll Need Later

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg also strongly suggests that small businesses pay attention to their potential future needs when migrating their messaging platform. A system that can handle 100-200 messages per month is suitable for small startups, he states, particularly those with little extra cash

However, such a simple program can become out of date as a company expands and grows. Most platforms, Brett Ulrich states, can handle a much higher messaging demand and will come in handy for future migration.

Don’t Neglect Current Hardware and Software

Lastly, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg emphasizes the importance of working with, and not against, current hardware and software demands. While larger businesses may be able to buy new computer systems to match their messaging, smaller companies may not have that luxury, he states. Therefore, Brett Ulrich believes it is crucial to find ways to work with their existing architecture.

For example, update current Excel and Word programs for easier messaging service migration. And Brett Ulrich emphasizes that the ease of synthesizing these program operations is essential and that all upgrades should be something that enhances platform migration.

Doing so makes it easier for a company’s employees to understand natural and streamlined emigration. Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg argues that this makes migration easier, minimizes confusion, and gives your company a better chance of success.