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Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg Explores How Microsoft Products Can Boost Collaboration

Brett Ulrich Identifies How Microsoft Has Embraced Collaborative Technology for Businesses, Schools, and Beyond Collaboration is what allows multiple people to work on one project together. Collaborative technology, as such, provides various tools and systems to better facilitate this teamwork. Various Microsoft products are used to boost collaboration remotely and inside of the office. A […]

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Brett Ulrich Explains Why Employees Need to be Well-Versed in Microsoft Products

The Microsoft Suite Continues to Be Vital in the Workplace, Brett Ulrich Explains Although there are a number of software-as-a-subscription products and cloud-based programs, Microsoft still offers many important products. Businesses of all sizes require their employees to be familiar with Microsoft Office 365. Brett Ulrich explains the importance of understanding Microsoft products. As a […]

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Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg Talks About How to Manage Client Expectations Effectively

Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg provides his expert insight regarding customer relations and the effective management of client expectations. Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg works as a senior consultant for various companies. His areas of expertise focus on Microsoft services, applications, and other platforms. More impressively, Brett Ulrich of Fredericksburg isn’t just limited to a small number […]